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Super Mario Galaxy Review

September 2, 2008

Super Mario Galaxy. It’s the game we’ve all been waiting for since we got our 120th star in Super Mario 64 back in 1996. It arrives 11 years later and does it do a great job living up to the expectations SM64 set for it? Absolutely. I don’t think I need to go through the history of the Mario series like I do other games that I review because everyone knows it already. What I will do is tell you that this is one of the finest gaming experiences you will ever have.



Bowser captures the princess and Mario has to rescue her.


To be more specific, there’s a festival in the Mushroom Kingdom that is quickly disrupted by Bowser, who does what he does best (or worst, if you figure that Mario always wins in the end) and before Mario can save Peach, he is blasted away deep into space. He wakes up and is introduced to the Lumas and Princess Rosalina and begins his great adventure.


Just like all Mario gameplay, the controls are top notch. You run, jump, slide, skate, fly, swim, and ride through the universe collecting stars to open up more fantastic galaxies. Unlike Mario 64’s levels where you can do a little bit of exploring in more open areas, Galaxy’s levels are a bit more straightforward. Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t play around a bit and have fun. Gravity is the key element that makes the game a blast to play. Nothing’s cooler than standing on a planet and running all the way around it and not falling or jumping so far on a smaller planet that Mario actually starts rotating around it. You’ll also have to use gravity to get past obstacles in a way that if Mario was simply in the Mushroom Kingdom, it would be impossible. It’s fun to try and discover the trick to finishing each level. There’s so much variety that it really never gets tiring ever after more than 100 stars.


Easily the most beautiful game on Wii and outside of it’s technical achievements, the level design, art, and color are out of this world (get it?!?!!). Each galaxy has it’s own mood and feel expressed by its theme. Everything about the way it looks is cheery, but not too much to the point of it being childish. Some levels do have a more mature look like the fire levels and later galaxies. It’s just a pleasure to lay eyes on this game and when you are taken through places automatically after being launched by a sling star, it all just shines even brighter. The tours and views some sling stars give you are purely epic.


Super Mario Galaxy has one of the best, if not the best soundtrack in gaming history. Those of you who know game music well know that that’s saying something. Sound in general is the standard Mario fantastic but the music is just on an entirely different level. You have everything from catchy new music, to remixes of Mario classics (including the music from the levels leading up to Bowser fights from Mario 64!), and full blown orchestral masterpieces. Some of the music is so uplifting it will literally make your day better and some (especially the music when you fight Bowser) is epic on a level like you’ve never heard from any Nintendo game. The music is what just kicks the game to a new emotional level. If you are a fan of game music, I could recommend you the game for the music alone. It’s simply candy for your ears.


Super Mario Galaxy isn’t only one of the best Mario games ever, it isn’t even one of the best games ever. It’s the game that breaks away from today’s world of every game requiring a gun to be good, having to use only black, gray, and brown to look great, and having to include online multiplayer to be fun. It’s the game that brings you back to when you first played video games and reminds me of why you love it today. It’ll put a smile on your face like no other game will this generation and if you feel like you’re getting tired of gaming or are getting jaded by everything being the same, this game is for you. It’s the best game on the Wii, the best game this generation so far (and maybe even period) and it’s the reason you still pick up a controller every day. If there was one game I could give an A+ to on this scale, Galaxy’s the clear winner.



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  1. nyahnyah permalink
    September 6, 2008 10:44 pm

    I like the spoilers. lol

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