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Warhawk Tips: #6

August 27, 2008

Note: Before I begin with the Tip of the Everyother Day-ish I wanted to throw something out there for you. If any of you are interested in submitting specific Warhawk questions instead of having me post a tip at my discretion, please comment on what you would like to see and I’ll see if I can make it happen for you. Thanks!

Tip #6: I Need 50 Combat Points in a Round for the Exemplary Combat Medal

Having trouble getting 50 Combat Points in a round for this medal? Well here’s a few things that may help.

1) Game Mode – Play in Deathmatch rounds only, preferably in a smaller-sized layout. You’ll be very hard-pressed to accomplish this in any other type of round. If you can get into a 30 minute deathmatch round, this one is definitely achievable.

2) Points vary – 50 Combat Points does not necessarily mean 50 kills. You get 1 point for killing a troop as a troop. However, you get 2 points for killing a vehicle as a troop. In deathmatch rounds, a lot of players love to hop in jeeps and go for road kills so this is an opportunity to take out a few jeeps. You also get 2 points for taking out a Warhawk as a troop, so go pick up a rocket launcher and fire away.

3) Who cares if you die? – In a deathmatch you’ll respawn quickly and right into the fray. You won’t lose too much time so just charge into battle (assuming you’ve picked up a decent weapon) and just go all out.

4) Weapons Matter – Upon spawning, the first thing you should look for is a rifle and extra grenades. If you can find a flamethrower that will help your cause as well as a rocket launcher. Grenades will be crucial to you obtaining your 50 combat points. If you’re locked into a battle, try firing your rifle while lobbing grenades. This should make short work of your enemy. If you have a rocket launcher, try aiming at the ground right in front of your enemy. The explosion should take them out everytime.

5) Move Dammit! – Don’t be a sitting duck. Earlier I mentioned who cares if you die? because you jump right back into the fray, but at the same time, you’ll want to live long enough to outlast the enemy you’re firing at so you get the kill. This means you want to constantly move and jump to break any lock he has on you. Try moving in diagonal patterns.

There you have it. You have 30 minutes to get 50 combat points so you better kill quick and you better kill often. Get used to switching weapons with the D-Pad if you aren’t already b/c fast fingers can often mean the difference between life and death. Try rushing your enemy while firing the rifle and grenades and if you get close enough, switch to the knife to finish the job. Hope this helps out and good luck to you!

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