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Warhawk Tips: #5

August 24, 2008

Tip #5: Help! I need 25 Kills in a Warhawk for the Warhawk Exemplary Service Medal

This one was tough. I actually just got it this weekend after many, many attempts at trying for it. The funny thing? I’ve gotten 25 kills or more about 3 times since then.

Anyway, there’s a few key elements to getting this medal. The first is that you need to enter a game mode where the match will take the full 30 minutes b/c you’re going to need them. Capture the Flag and Collection are good game modes for this.

The second is that you need to be in a good map where there’s a lot of open space for air-to-air kills. Eucadia, Island Outpost, and the Omega Factory are three great maps for this. Ideally you’d like to be in a medium-sized layout of Eucadia (Valley Battle) but it’s do-able either way. On to the tactics now.

You have 30 minutes to get 25 kills. That basically means you’re going to need to rack up almost 1 kill per minute with a Warhawk. That’s tough. The good news? Doesn’t matter what you kill as long as it’s with the Warhawk. This means you can kill other Warhawks, ground troops, troops in missile turrets, etc.

The first thing you need to do is spawn at a base with a Warhawk nearby as you want to waste as little time looking for a plane as possible. As soon as you get into the sky, you’ll want to pick up an extra swarm missle pack, homing missles, and air mines. Now remember my old post about mines? They’re free kills. All you have to do is drop mines and you’ll collect free kills throughout a match. This will help take some pressure off your 1 kill a minute goal and hopefully reduce it to 1 kill every minute and a half or so to make things easier on you. Remember that you can have 4 air mines set at one time. Take advantage of this. In Island Outpost, I like placing air mines right above the line of Warhawks at the home base. If you repeatedly do this you’re going to get a lot of people lifting off right into an air mine, racking up your Warhawk kills. Also, place Air mines under bridges and on top of icon pickups so that unsuspecting victims will fly right into them. If you’re decent at this, you should easily get 5-10 air mine kills in a round.

Next, read my post about shooting down other Warhawks. You’ll need to get very good at trailing enemies in the sky, making them waste their chaff on a couple swarms, and finishing them off with a homing missile coupled with a swarm or two and some machine guns.

Even all of the above will not be enough to get you the 25 kills you need. This means you better get good at taking out ground troops. Again, Island Outpost is great for this as the map tends to bottleneck at the bridges, making troops fairly easy targets for you in the sky. Collection mode in Island Outpost is where I got my 25 kills (ended up with 34) and the bottlenecked bridges played a big part in this. This is a great time to get used to using the Charged Lightning Gun and the Cluster Bombs. If you see a tank or jeep on the bridge, personally I would charge the Lightning Gun and shoot a blast directly onto the vehicle to take it out. If you see a group of troops, I’d drop a Cluster Bomb to take out the group of them.

A couple points to note here. If you’re in the sky and take out a troop with a non-Warhawk weapon, the kill does not count. The instance I encountered was that I was firing machineguns at ground troops and hit a land mine that one of them placed. Well, the land mine took out the troops, and those 2 kills I got where now from a landmine, not a Warhawk. So be careful if you do this. Same thing if you are firing at a jeep and the troop exits and you destroy the jeep and the troop gets killed from the jeep explosion. The kill does not count toward your goal of 25 Warhawk kills so you’re going to need to make that one up.

If you can manage to do all of the above, not only should you end up with your 25 kills, but you should also receive quite a few ribbons at the end of the match: Distinguished Air Superiority, Warhawk Recruiting, Joint Service Commendation, Anti-Air Defense, Distinguished Assault, etc. This will net you a ton of bonus points at the end of the round, not to mention it will make you that much better in the skies. I know that ever since I’ve tried getting this medal, I’ve improved ten-fold in the sky, making the game that much more enjoyable.

Good luck and stay tuned for my next tip.

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