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*The Last Guy Demo Impressions

August 23, 2008


The last guy takes place after the world is invested with monsters and zombies and for one reason or another your called The Last Guy and is the only person who can save the last of humanity. t turns out that The Last Guy is actually a zombie! even though this is not revealed during the demo.


Originally i have to say i wasn’t too excited for the game, mainly due to the fact that i had no idea how it would be played. After playing it however it is devilishly simple and can be very intense. The point of The Last Guy is to find people who will follow you until you bring them to a designated “Safe Zone” within the town your in. The goal of the game/level is to save as many people as possible while collecting a minimum. The game adopts a bird eye view of the town that users of Google Earth or any satellite picture service will find familiar. The last guy himself is seen as a guy with a red cape while humans look more like dots that scream and shake rather than people. Anywho so you run around finding people in streets and in buildings trying to bring them to the safe zone. Like i said, its simple but there are techniques that can really rack up points(The game will feature leaderboards and such). The basic way to get more points is to collect more and more people. At every 100 point your stamina gauge(Used for running) will increase giving the player an advantage throughout the level. Not only does collecting hundreds of people pay off in boosting your stamina gauge, it also racks in more points. Think of it as a combo, the longer the combo the better it is.

The demo only has what I’m assuming is the first level but it is pretty fun. Within the first level I’ve only encountered 2 different kind of enemies/zombies. One was the basic normal zombie while the other looks like a giant fuzzy spike ball or whatever. I never got close enough to it for the name to be given. While getting anywhere near enemies your human horde behind you will scream and shake while looking like someone is shaking a box of rice crispies. It is kind of amusing seeing the panic when the enemy doesn’t even know they are there. However if the enemy does see you, in the case of a normal zombie, it will pause, growl then chase after your human population. I’ve got to say that the formula works extremely well and trying to get a higher human horde behind you can be intense and very fun.


Not much in the graphics department, which is the case in most PSN games but the audio is well done with humorous opening sound being The…..Last…..Guuuyyyy in a accented voice. Nothing spectacular i can see so far but it holds up and no real complaints.


The Last Guy really surprised me as i wasn’t expecting much from it. I can see myself playing for hours trying to get longer chains, and save more people for my high score. I really recommend this game and I will be bringing you guys a full review after the game is released over the PSN next Thursday.

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  1. deadpool7 permalink
    August 24, 2008 9:41 pm

    I’m with you. The trailer I saw made it look bad. After playing the demo though it was quite addicting.

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