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Warhawk Tips: #3 & 4

August 21, 2008

Yesterday I posted a Warhawk: Tip of the Week Post and in it I mentioned that I would be posting a new tip every week. Well, that’s changed. I will now be posting a new tip in what will probably amount to an every other day affair. The reason? I was thinking and I have a LOT of tips that I want to share, especially for those of you who are going to be dusting off Warhawk again with the soon approacing V1.5 update with trophies and the new Expansion featuring Jet Packs. So, here are your two new Warhawk tips for the day.

Tip #3: See No Evil, Hear No Evil
Stealth can play a huge role in Warhawk without you even realizing it. If you have the knife equipped while on foot, you will not be seen on enemy radar unless an enemy has a direct line of site to you. Take advantage of this. I’m in the habit of equipping the knife the second that I spawn. This ensures that right off the bat, I’m off the radar. With how much players rely on the radar this can give you the edge you need when trying to infiltrate an enemy base.

Crouching also keeps you off the radar but it’s tough to travel any distance while crouching. This is good if you’re already where you need to be and want a weapon other than the knife equipped.

Tip #4: I Want More Points
One of the biggest questions that gets asked in Warhaw is “How do I rack up points?”. Well there’s no simple answer to this but there are a quite a few different things you can do to increase your point totals.

1) CTF – If you are able to capture a flag and return it, you score a cool 25 points. However, in most matches this is tough as it’s hard to find a good group of people that all have headsets. While in a CTF match though, it’s easy to place land mines next to your flag which will net you 1 pt for every kill. Go out and grab any of the nodes out there. It will get you 2 quick pts and only takes a couple seconds to capture it.

2) Zones – This is where you can really chalk up some points. For every level you knock down on the enemies zone, you score 2 pts. If you fly to an enemy zone that’s a level 3, you get 2 pts for knocking it down to 2, 1, 0 , 1, 2, 3. 12 pts. Not bad huh? So the goal? Capture as many zones as humanly possible in Zones. Land mines are great to place near zones as you’ll undoubtedly receive many kills from these, netting more free points.

3) Play to the Ribbons – You know those ribbons you receive at the end of matches? They give you bonus points. With the addition of the ‘Winning Team’ ribbon, if your team can win the match, you net 50 bonus pts. Not bad. Especially in a Zones match where they typically don’t even last the full 20 – 30 mins.

In addition, if you’re capturing zones or the flag like crazy (as described above), you’ll get ribbons for those accomplishments. Kill 5 enemies in a round, get bonus points for that too. Finish in the top 3 whether you’re on the winning or losing team, you get bonus points for that.

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