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Feature: Deal or No Deal Episode 5

August 21, 2008

Disgaea 3 Vs Disgaea 3: Pre Order, Vs Nis America’s Bundles

Disgaea 3 Normal Edition

So you missed pre ordering the game and now you don’t get a bonus, this version retails for $50

Disgaea 3: Pre Order Edition

This version is the same as the standard edition but comes with a special audio CD with fan picked songs from all 3 games. It retails for $50

RosenQueen Bundles

These bundles are same as the pre order edition except with a few added goodies. The first is the Alma Maters set which adds in another CD with Japanese Disgaea songs and that retails for $50. The next is the delinquent pride set that is the same as Alma + the strategy guide, that retails for $70. Finally there the No.1 Honor Student set that includes everything from the first 2 bundles, a digital media disc, and 1 of these 3 extras that are randomly chosen, a 2 Disc Cd with 37 songs, an artbook or a school bag. This retails for $90

Deal or No Deal?

The best deals are the Preorder/Alma sets and the Delinquent pride set. The former brings the game plus a free CD with 12 tracks that were chosen by fans(which i was a part of). The Delinquent Pride set is also a Deal because even though its the same price as buying the guide separately, you dodge the tax that the 2 items would cost apart. The No.1 Honor student set does come with a lot of stuff but with a price of $90 its hard to recommend


Preorder/Alma Maters Set: Deal
Delinquent Pride Set: Deal
No.1 Honor Student set: No Deal

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