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Warhawk Tips: #1 & 2

August 20, 2008

UPDATE ***Will post tips throughout the week rather than once a week***

Do you love Warhawk as much as I do? Maybe you do, maybe you don’t, but one thing is for sure. There’s ALWAYS something we could learn to do better in Warhawk, whether it’s missle-dodging, flight techniques, ground combat, or game mode tips. Well, starting today, I’m going to be posting weekly tips regarding various aspects of Warhawk for your viewing/learning enjoyment. Remember, I’m only a Sergeant Major in the game with just over 17,000 points at this point, so I’m sure I still have plenty to learn. However, I’ll share what knowledge I have learned through my playtime to help out your game, especially if you’re a newcomer. So, without further adieu, your, not one, but TWO, Warhawk tips to start the post off.

Tip 1: Land Mines are Your Friend:
Remember when you first started playing Capture the Flag and you thought you’d be bad-ass and fly a Warhawk directly to their base, land next to the flag, proceed to grab the flag, then find a jeep and drive away? Well you probably remember all of that up until the point where you land next to the flag and you were blown up by a mine.

Land mines are like free kills in this game. They don’t require any skill. All you have to do is pick them up and place them in strategic locations. Remember though, you can only have 4 land mines placed at any time on a map. If you place a 5th land mine, the 1st mine you placed will disappear, so don’t try to go crazy loading up a map with mines.

Good locations for mines are near your flag in CTF, near the zones in Zones (in the grass next to the zone is almost a perfect spot), under tunnels or in the middle of bridges (especially under the vehicle repair pickups), or my personal favorite: Go to the enemies’ base (Badlands is a great map for this), and go to where the mine pickup is. Place a mine around that corner leading to the pickup. You’ll have a mine kill in no time flat.

Remember: Just picking up mines and placing them can net you a good 5 or more kills a round in a CTF or Zones match.

Tip 2: Air to Air Kills in a Warhawk
Are you the guy always getting shot out of the sky while someone else is racking up all the kills off you? I’ve been in that boat before (still am half the time). But I’ve learned a few tips that are netting me a LOT more kills in the skies.

First off, learn Pro Flight. It’ll take a few rounds of getting used to but the freedom of movement will pay dividends later on. The greatest thing about it is that it allows you to tail enemies more effectively.

The next move…pick up homing missles and some extra swarm pickups, not to mention an extra chaff. When you get an enemy in your sights, you’ll want to lock on with 2 or 3 swarms and fire them off. If you’re lucky, your target will waste a chaff and/or their turbo on these swarms. Now what you do is lock on with your homing missle. If you’re lucky, they are out of chaff and their turbo is depleted meaning they’re pretty much a sitting duck. After release, fire off the machineguns and/or lock on with 1 or 2 swarms to ensure you finish the job. Voila! You just took down a Warhawk in the sky.

Tune in next week for more Warhawk tips.

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