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Beats Review

August 12, 2008

Beats is a mobile game by Sony’s London Studio that was released as a download only for the PsP.


There is no story in the game as it is a basic rhythm game. So this review is just going to concentrate on the gameplay. The bulk of Beats is found in the playing of import songs. Beats will import any song on the same memory stick of the ps3 and make levels out of them. The tracts play in the same quality they do in the PsP’s music player and its rare for a song that can’t be played. As i said before Beats is a rhythm game. After selecting a song and difficulty the song will start and symbols will go across the screen. There are 3 empty circles that the symbols will fly into. By default the middle circle is selected and holding down the left or right on the D Pad will select the other two. Symbols will fly from the top, left and right areas of the screen into these circles. Any difficulty under hard is rather boring and a complete waste of time in my opinion. The hard difficulty should really be the default difficulty since its the only one that offers decent excitement in the gameplay without being too hard.

Despite its name Beats doesn’t really do a good job of matching the beats of the song. Generally the symbols will have nothing to do with the song that’s playing and only very obvious beats will match. Does this really hurt the gameplay much? the answer would be no but in a world with guitar heroes and rock bands it would be nice to have a simple rhythm game that matched the beats.

This is really the bulk of the gameplay unless you want to dabble with the recording portion of the game that really isn’t that fun or interesting. A feature that does shine though is the customization for the game. There are a variety of skins for the menu system that are just great. They range from different music styles and can be animated or not. There are also different visualizations for the game that range from the same music styles that the skins do.


Beats is a pretty decent game. Because of the fact that the core gameplay completely relies on the users for its content means that people who don’t use their PsPs for music and uses, lets say an I pod, will be out of luck. However if your like me who does use the psp as their music player Beats offers some fun that helps time goes by. Beats works best as a break, a break from gaming a little too long or a break from listening to music too long. Either way for $5 its a good deal.



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