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LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures Demo Impressions

August 9, 2008

Developer Traveller’s Tales brings another movie series into the LEGO universe. After its success with the LEGO Star Wars games they have now turned to the Indiana Jones universe and brings the original 3 movies to the world of LEGO.

In the demo only the beginning of Raiders of the Lost Ark is playable. You see Indy and his crew going through the jungle looking for the Lost Temple. In the LEGO series of games there is no dialogue, which makes understanding the story almost impossible without knowing it ahead of time. Since there is no dialogue and the game is full of LEGO characters the developers use a unique humor. There is no serious tone and they take liberties with certain scenes to add the humor.

Being a game that’s meant to be playable by anyone, LEGO Indy has the controls lock down tight. LEGO Indy is also a C0-OP game so no matter what the circumstances there is also another character with you. In the case of the demo Satipo is with Indy. Each character has unique abilities, for example Indy has his whip while Satipo has his shovel. The game will put certain obstacles in your way or hidden goodies that can only be accessed by one of the characters specialty.
The world contains objects you can build out of LEGO pieces lying around. The demo contained a few of these but they were a bit annoying to build. You build them by pressing the O button over and over and a lot of times the spot your in will not be close enough to the LEGO pieces to build. So if your using Indy, you will constantly by whipping your whip around while trying to build whatever your building. Its a slight annoyance that doesn’t hold down the game in anyway but it can sometimes be irritating. Combat is extremely simple with the only thing you need to know is how to spam the attack button. There were no difficult enemies within the first level(Which makes sense) so i can’t comment on whether or not button mashing works for the entire game.

The game brings the world of LEGOs to life and it looks great. Everything is smooth, framerate solid and no complaints. The music is well done and the sound effects the LEGO characters make can be amusing.


Based on the demo LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventure is a very solid game. Its simplistic design with the fact that the world is made of LEGOs makes sure that just about everyone can enjoy the game. Veteran players like myself may find it a bit childish and easy but that’s the point of the game. It’s not supposed to be taken seriously, if you give it a chance it will grow on you.

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