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Everyday Shooter Review

July 31, 2008

Developed by Queasy Games, with a total roster of 1 Everyday Shooter is the brain child of Jonathan Mak. Initially developed for the PC Jonathan’s game won many awards at the 2007 Independent Games Festival gaining the attention of Sony Computer Entertainment. The game has been published by Sony and released over the PSN.


No story whatsoever, but this is a game that doesn’t require one, it would be weird if it did.


Everyday Shooter is a arcade dual analog style of shooter. Its core mechanics is similar to Super Stardust HD but it is a very different game. Where Stardust is more of a “Blow away anything you see” type of game, Everyday Shooter is more of the thinking mans dual analog shooter. The goal of the game is not to destroy everything to move on, but rather to survive and collect points. The game has 8 levels, that are really songs. Each song has a certain amount of length and no matter what you do it won’t end any sooner. This makes the gameplay more of a survival type game than a race to kill everything as fast as you can.
Each level in Everyday Shooter has a unique way of obtaining these points. This helps keep the game fresh and interesting through the experience. Some of the combo systems can be a tad difficult to master but that is also half the fun. The controls are simple and work well, even though aiming isn’t as accurate as it should be.


The audio in this game is top notch. The game uses an all guitar soundtrack that is very nice to listen to and destroying/damaging enemies will generate guitar riffs that goes along with the music. It makes the music your listening to interactive in a way. The graphics are simple, and it is to be expected, however it is still crisp and smooth and no complaints here.


The game sports an extra system that uses the points you’ve collected in the levels. This menu lets you change the contrast of the game, buy extra starting lives and things of that nature. many extras are locked until normal play has been defeated but most of the extras that are available are still nice.


All in all Everyday Shooter is a solid game. My only real grip with the game is the difficulty. It is true there are only 8 levels but unless you are extremely skilled it will take you awhile to get there. The game doesn’t reinvent the genre or gaming as a whole but its a very enjoyable and unique experience.



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