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PixelJunk Eden Impressions

July 24, 2008

PixelJunk Eden is the third game from Q Games in their PixelJunk Series. The goal of this series is to create a different type of game all tied together by the PixelJunk name. It started with a racing game, went to a tower defense game, and now, well a game.

PixelJunk Eden has less of a story than Monsters did but once you start playing, you won’t really need any story to motivate you. The game has you, a Grimp named Phona in the garden of Eden. Eden has 10 gardens inside of it with Spectra hidden throughout. Phona must find the spectra to make the garden of Eden flourish. There are two other characters named Pana and Okai who are given to additional players.(The game supports up to 3 player co op) So now you know where PixelJunk Eden got its name, and before i mentioned that this was a game, in exact words “and now, well a game.” , I can see how this can be seen as a bad way, but let me clarify this quick, THIS IS AN AMAZING GAME. The reason i can’t describe it is because its simply extremely hard to classify. Some sites say its a puzzle game, which i can see how they would say that but really, PixelJunk Eden is probably one of the purist games I’ve ever played, there’s no “What kind of game is it?” nonsense, its simply a game, an amazing game at that.

What makes Eden an amazing game? Well its really a whole package but lets talk about the gameplay. The gameplay is simple, very simple, you jump, spin, and that’s it. Players will be able to jump from plant surface to plant surface trying to obtain spectre. Aside from jumping you can jump with silk and swing around on the plants. A basic jump will automatically use silk and double tapping the jump button will do a normal jump. Swinging is very easy and can help a great deal in collecting pollen. Pollen is collected to make plants grow so you can access new parts of the level. The levels or “Gardens” are pretty large. They can reach very high especially when trying to collect the max amount of Spectra in a level. The size of the levels are surprising considering the type of game it is but it adds a true sense of exploration because each time you play a level(especially when going after more spectra) you are pretty much guaranteed to see an area you didn’t see before. The gameplay is simplistic but very addicting and fun. Swinging and jumping through levels is a real joy and it doesn’t hurt that the art style and music is simply brilliant

The art style is very surreal with the plants, pollen and enemies. The colors are bright and saturated and the way the colors evolve as you collect spectra makes the game looking amazing. Doesn’t hurt that the game runs in full 1080p HD. The music was done by DJ Baiyon and like Monsters before it, really brings the style of game to life. The music isn’t a distraction to the game or try to get you pumped, but simply compliments the gameplay in a brilliant way. The music just fits the game perfectly, simple, calming and just brilliant(I think Doctor Who is finally rubbing off on me).


I’ve been halfway tempted to write a review based on the demo alone. Its just an amazing game, truly truly amazing. The home menu system is just amazing. Instead of a map like Monsters or a standard menu system like 99.9% of games, the Eden garden is just like a level. The more spectra you collect in the levels the more Eden will evolve and grow. You have to find levels just as you would find spectra and just adds more immersion and its just ground breakingly unique.It adds a sense of evolution and progression that is rare to find ina home menu. One of the biggest factors of not reviewing this right here and now is that the main features aren’t in the demo. Trophies and You Tube support aren’t implemented in the demo which will only add more to the game. There is also 3 player co op.

Pixeljunk Eden is simply an amazing game and the demo really shows the game. Eden is the first PixelJunk game to have a demo released before the game was released and this is because it is just so great(Dylan Cuthbert says demos detracts from sales but he was so optimistic he had to release the demo for Eden). If you own a Ps3, download this demo and buy the game when its released. If you don’t own one this is a very good reason to own one(Yes i just said a Downloadble game was worth paying $400 for a Ps3, its just that good) Pick this up during next week’s PSN update.

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