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Rayman Review

July 19, 2008

Rayman was the first game in the now long running platformer turned mini game collection series. The series has had its up and downs but it is a staple in the video game world.


The story goes that some mysterious bad guy steals the Great Protoon. When this happens the electoons that used to be stabilized by the Great Protoon loose their stability and scatter accross the world. This makes the world unbalanced and strange things begin to happen. New hostiles appear capturing the electoons and its up to Rayman to save them and restore balance to the world.


Rayman is a 2D platformer. You move up and down and left and right through the levels. The core gameplay works well, but its hampered by some terrible level design. We’ll deal with the gameplay first and go on my issues with levels later. After most levels you will encounter Betilla the Fairy, a fairy who will grant you new powers and abilities. You will gain things like the ability to punch, grab onto ledges, running etc. These abilities help to give Rayman a fresh feel and allow the players to reach some areas they couldn’t before in previous levels.
The difficulty of the game, hard, frustrating hard at times. You will die, and die a lot. The first 2 levels give players a good feel for the game, not too hard and not too easy, they were fun, then i got to the third level and everything changed. This level made the game turn from an enjoyable cute platformer into a game so ridiculously hard i can’t even recommend it. Lets put it this way, i had to use the password to give me 99 lives, by the time the level ended, I was down to 60. Not only does the game become very hard but some levels are so long its like “argh when is this going to end?”, again the third level is the poster child for this. I really did ask myself when the level was going to end because i was getting so annoyed at the game.


The game has a very crisp cartoony look that works well for the game. Some things move as you scroll and appear as background even though they are part of the level. Be prepared to be confused whether something is in the foreground or where your character is. Decent sound, nothing too special or note worthy.


I was really surprised by how bad this game was. I played Rayman 2: The Great Escape for the DreamCast years ago and that was such a great platformer(Please let them add this to the PSN somehow) that i was just stunned how this game played out. Maybe i was expecting too much but this game would have been better if the levels were more forgiving. How it is though, its hard to recommend.



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  1. permalink
    July 19, 2008 3:06 pm

    Very good……

  2. bossrat permalink
    November 6, 2008 12:13 am

    Sorry you didn’t like it Julian. Yes, it was bloody hard at times and I developed callouses on my thumbs (at the age of 33 in 1995), but I thought it was brilliant – the best of the series. I loved the 2D cartoon scenery and I ripped the music to my iPod.

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