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PSN Video Service Impressions

July 17, 2008

So I’ve downloaded some videos off the new PSN Video Download Service and here are my impressions.


There is a surprisingly large amount of content in the service. Probably two of the biggest contributors would be Cartoon Network and Fox. Not sure which of these 2 gave it out but the entirety of the Family Guy series to date is available for download as well as quite a few Cartoon Network and Fox shows. These include Futurama, Ben: 10 Alien Force(with every episode aired so far), Buffy, 24 and more. There are also more than a handful of animes including a PSN exclusive X am’d, by the team behind Eureka 7. There are also a lot of movies to download in both rental and permanent forms. Considering this has just launched late last night its refreshing to see all this content and at decent prices. HD Rentals will net you about $5, SD at about $3. Movie prices depend on the movie but seem to range from $9.99 to $14.99 with television episodes at $1.99 each and are all in SD at this point.


For the record there is a lot of HD content, just not in the form i would prefer. There are no HD downloads, meaning HD is only in the form of rentals. The HD rental i chose was the first episode of X am’d.(Seems interesting based on the first episode btw). You can view the videos you are downloading while downloading which can help pass the time. While downloading X am’d it had to buffer a lot(its streaming and downloading an HD file of 1.5gbs) and it was kind of a nuisance, however pausing it for a minute greatly reduced the frequency for awhile. In about the time of the episode ending(at about 30 mins) with buffering the video was finished. SD videos are a lot simpler and smaller. I chose the “Lois Kills Stewie” episode from season 6 of family guy and the download took maybe 10 minutes, probably not even that. The streaming while downloading in SD has no buffering whatsoever which makes it a lot more tolerable. Again i am a bit disappointed that there are no HD movies or TV shows for download to keep as that would have me buying a lot of movies.

Ease of Use

If you’ve navigated the Playstation Store before you’d have no problems with this store. In the top left corner there is noa video tab that will transfer you to the video store. Once you move over you can find things by New Releases, Tv, Movies, HD, Rentals, etc. You can also view everything by alphabetical order and like the normal PSN this works extremely well. However in the case of movies i would have liked a giant list in order to view movies, instead of entering and exiting mini menus. Its pretty intuitive and shouldn’t give people any problems.


All in all the video service is pretty good. Even though it has just released there is a lot of content to go through and it has things for just about anyone(Mythbusters wooo). With the fact that you can transfer movies over to the PsP just makes it even better(hello movies/tv show marathons on the ride back to college). Before buying things on it i’d advise to wait until you can own HD version of movies and shows, but the price of tv show episodes is so low i can easily recommend buying a few when people are over to watch. Its a great service.

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