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Feature: Top Games: Ps3 Multiplayer Edition

July 12, 2008

Hello all I’ve decided to make a new feature today. This new feature will be known as Top Games. This top games post will deal with the Multiplayer games for the Playstation 3. This list is NOT in any particular order and will outline why the games are at the top but will also deal with problems that hinder them as well.

Metal Gear Online

Why Its on Top:

Probably one of the most unique online experiences anywhere Metal Gear Online brings the stealth action gameplay from Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots to the online realm. Aside from the standard fare of modes there are Sneaking(Where you play as Snake to capture dog tags), Team Sneaking(Where a team is equipped with camo and has to take a target), as well as a few other modes. The game has a variety of skills to customize your character for one play style or another. You can equipped weapon specializations for more of a run of gun gameplay, or like how i am playing now CQC and Runner skills so i can hold and knockout enemies. This dynamic of sneaking and close range combat with the normal run and gunning of online games make it very fun to play

Why It’s Not:

The game suffers from some really weird lagg issues. For example one time I grabbed a guy in CQC, he is about to be knockouted then i get grabbed by a wall and knockouted by that guy. Or while holding someone i get killed by a HeadShot from them(Which is impossible, when being held all you can do is try to escape). Another issue is that you can lose your level(This games version of ranks) if your performance isn’t as good as usual. So if there is a team of base campers that kill you shortly after spawning and you die a lot, your rank will probably go down. This also happens when switching skill sets. I first started as a run of gunner and went for CQC, but not being very good at CQC at first made my performance go down for a little while and i ended up loosing my level. This is a problem because it doesn’t allow people to experiment with gameplay types later on.


Why It’s on Top:

Warhawk is one of the best online games I’ve played. With the variety of combat ranging from normal player combat, to land vehicles and air to air dogfights its hard to find another console game that lets you do so much so well. Every aspect of combat is fun, well done and it would be difficult to find something you didn’t like to do. There is also a huge list of medals and ranks to attain and unlike most online games, your rank is actually dictated by skill and time, rather than just time. What i mean is that anyone on Call of Duty 4 can get to level 50, its just a matter of time but in Warhawk you need to obtain certain medals and such to increase your rank.

Why It’s Not:

Some of the later medals and ranks can be very very hard to get. Some of the higher end medals take 50 hours of time in a Warhawk to obtain plus some prereqs. Eventually you are going to hit a stag point where it takes a very long time to increase your rank.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
Why It’s on Top

The Call of duty franchise has always been one of the better FPS series. In the 4th installment, the third by infinity ward, the online has changed things up a bit. Challenges with weapons and battles add variety of gameplay with its RPG elements. Completing challenges in weapon and battle form will net you experience points that will level you up.

Why It’s Not

Basically why it is so good is also its biggest weakness. There aren’t any challenges that take any skill. The weapon challenges are just get X amount of kills and get X amount of headshots. The other challenges also consist of a lack of skill. Also most online matches consist of the top players as being campers. Most matches consist of people camping a certain area and it quickly turns into who can camp better than anything else.

Honorable Mentions

Resistance: Fall of Man

Unreal Tournament III

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