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Calling All Cars Review

July 5, 2008

Calling all Cars is a game from Incognito Entertainment and spear headed by David Jaffe, the man behind the Twisted Metal and God of War series.


The story in the game, if you can call it that is that criminals have escaped from prison and its yours(and a handful of others) jobs to bring them back.


Calling all Cars is a lot of fun. You control a car(From a selection of course) and you need to compete with the other players or NPCs to bring criminals back to jail. A big part of the gameplay is obtaining the criminals from other drivers. You can use a variety of weapons to attack the others to get the criminal. These weapons range from magnets, hammers, and missiles. Aside from these weapons you can use your turbo boost to hit others to grab the criminal. This action is fast, intense and a lot of fun.

Now how do you win a level? You win by returning criminals(Obviously that’s the point of the game). There are 5 different ways to return criminals. Three ways at the prison, 1 by a running jail car and the fifth is by helicopter. Each of these are worth a number of points with the prison having 3 entrances, ranging from easy medium and hard to get to. The easy is worth 1 point, medium 2 and hard 3. The jailhouse just has you driving through an area to score while the helicopter has you maintain a speed under it to score and the jailcar having you ram into it from behind. With the jailhouse being the easiest to score with your going to be using that the most, but the developers knew this and added a few surprises.

There are 4 levels each with its own way of scoring. Most have jailhouses but the later levels change things up a bit. The snow level will have the jailhouse freeze up for awhile so the only way to score while its frozen is the jailcar. The last level has no jailhouse and the helicopter/jail car are the only way to score. Its a minor change to the gameplay but adds added depth and insanity to the gameplay

There is sooo much potential here but for some reason, there is almost no online community for the game. It saddens me to see this because this is a game that is meant to be played with others. If you are able to get an online game then your into a real treat. it can be chaotic and addicting. Luckily there is offline multiplayer that can deliver the same fun.


The visuals are cartoony and are crisp and great, really brings a playful feeling to the game.  Like the visuals the audio is cartoony. The music is great and sound effects effective


Calling all cars works best as party game when people are over. It is fast, chaotic and just plain fun. The single player is pretty short with one tournament run clocking in at around 20 minutes but you’ll be playing it a few times on different difficulties to unlock more cars. With a bigger online community i could have recommended it more but as it is this is the score.





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