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Qore Impressions

July 4, 2008

So we’ve made it to the second issue of Qore so i think now is the time to do my impressions. Qore is a digital magazine of sorts with videos pictures and downloads on upcoming Ps3 games


The videos can be very informative and interesting, when they are allowed to talk. I think Qore Issue 1 had the better videos due to the fact that they could talk a lot about the games. The resistance 2 videos are OK but its obvious this was recorded awhile ago and there is a lot of information that is not given(probably waiting until E3). The footage they show is the same footage from Gametrailers so there’s nothing really new there. Outside of resistance however the videos are all pretty enjoyable and informative. I think the best of issue 1 was the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed segments while issue two is a tie between Silent Hill: The Homecoming and Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm.

The first issue showed little to none of Victoria Belmount(The Host) but this has obviously changed in Issue 2 where she is in almost every video. The fact that every piece of footage is in HD really makes the videos better because the footage for the games are always crisp and clear and it just looks great on a HDTV.


Most segments have a gallery for the game. These galleries are never too big but in the first issue the Stars Wars gallery is some pieces from the comic book, while others can be concept art to screenshots and more. This would be a great section if you could download the pictures but alas, this is not so. Some are nice to look at while others you want to make your wallpaper and its kind of disappointing that you can’t save them to the HDD. If this were to change it would add a lot to the service.


This is where Qore suffers a bit. When you head to each section there will be an ad at some point. Typically when you move away from the segments “Home Screen” an ad will air. These are short and after a few seconds you can skip them. It is sometimes comical when the ad turns out to be a trailer for the game your in now. The ads are a minor annoyance but they shouldn’t really be in Qore.

Don’t Press L2!

Pressing L2 during Qore will bring you to this arcade game called Death Orb, which becomes Death Orb: Resurrection in issue 2. This is a nifty little arcade game that seems to be evolving with each issue. Will this become a download after awhile? hard to tell but its a nice Easter egg within Qore


Each issue so far has had 3 downloads. A theme for the big story of the issues(Socom for issue 1 and Resistance 2 for issue 2) as well as a special download and Calling all Cars. The first issue comes with the Socom beta(which hasn’t started) while the second comes with the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm demo. Calling all cars is a nice bonus(expect a review tomorrow) and the demo for Naruto was excellent. The themes are ok and the beta isn’t open yet for Socom so i can’t comment on that.


Qore is a nifty little bundle. It can offer off some nice tidbits of information with stunning videos to tell them. Subscribing to Qore is $25 a year which allows you access to most of the bonus downloads of the issues. Is it worth it? I think so, some of the videos are hit or miss and if they continue to add more games for download(Calling all cars costs $10) so if they keep adding more games for download you’ll be saving yourself some money sooner or later.

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