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Spyro The Dragon Review

July 3, 2008

Spyro The Dragon was the second game made by Insomniac Games and it is the game that made them the powerhouse developer they are today.


Spyro The Dragon is about, well a dragon named Spyro! The game starts with a video the dragon are making. They are talking about Gnasty Gnorc and describing how he is bad. It is at this point that Gnasty Gnorc casts a freezing spell that traps all the dragons in crystal, all but one. Spyro being a young dragon was too short for the spell to hit. Being the only dragon not frozen it is up to Spyro to free all the dragons, defeat Gnasty Gnorc and reclaim the dragon treasure (Which was turned into enemies).


Spyro is a platformer. A big part, well the biggest, is traversing the worlds and levels trying to find all the gems and dragons you can. Gems can be found just laying around, in chests or in the form of enemies. Spyro has 2 attacks to defeat enemies, a flame breath and a ram attack. The game does a good job of balancing out these attacks by making enemies that can only be killed by one or another(sometimes both). This allows to change things up a bit so your not constantly ramming or constantly flaming. There are also power ups within the game that help against certain enemies, whether it be the super jump pads that increase the power and speed of Spyro’s ram, or the kiss of a fairy that makes him blush and super charges his flame breath.
The game is fairly linear but not too linear. What i mean is that its linear enough that you can complete the level and get all the dragons without too much trouble. However almost every level has hidden paths where there are gems and dragon eggs hidden. These hidden extra add a sense of exploration and help the game last longer if your interested in getting 100% complete.

The world of Spyro is split up into a variety of worlds. Each world has a different theme that makes them different from one another. The different worlds act as a sort of lobby for the levels. There will be gems and enemies in the world as well as portals to levels. Among the standard levels there are special flying levels. These levels are usually hidden and have Spyro flying through circles, destroying objects and things of that nature. These levels help change the pace of the game and offer a decent challenge.


Its a playstation 1 game, don’t expect anything too spectacular, that said the game has undeniable charm and its easy to see how this evolved into the Ratchet & Clank series, especially when looking at Spyro’s face. Every character has a voice over. The adult dragons sound like they came out of a Shakespearean play while Spyro is more of a smart Alec. The music and sound effects are also well done.


The Spyro the Dragon series was one of the most beloved series on the original Playstation. The original was a good game but it does have some problems, mainly in the camera department (especially on the PsP). However camera problems aside the game is great and coming in at a nice price of $5.99, its well worth it.



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