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Feature: Deal or no Deal Episode 4

July 3, 2008

Soul Calibur IV Standard Edition vs Soul Calibur IV: Limited Edition

Standard Edition

Soul Calibur IV in its standard edition, is just the game retailing at $59.99

Soul Calibur IV Limited Edition

This versions comes with a T shirt(Black with Darth Vader for the Ps3 and white with Yoda for 360(Both X-Lg)), a metal box, an art book and a tournament bracket card. Retails for $79.99

No Deal:

Shirts can be expensive these days but really there’s nothing in this set that is really worth it. I’m sure the art book will be cool to look at but that’s all you’ll do with it, look at it on your way home from the store and put it away forever. This deal is especially sour when compared to Episode 2 because in that you got a HD movie and a t shirt(the size of your choice) for FREE.

*Note: Pre ordering any of the editions for any system will net you a key chain

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