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Hot Shots Golfs: Out of Bound Demo Impressions

June 27, 2008


From Crackle: Hot Shots Golf Online features

its golf, that’s all the story there is and all the story you need

First off, DO NOT USE TRADITIONAL playstyle. it is best to use the advanced shot method of playing, and contrary to its name, its very simple. The advanced shot works by pressing X 3 times. First time to start your swing, next time for power and lastly how well you hit the ball. This is all very simple and intuitive(Press the same button 3 times at different points better be intuitive). This part of the game works really well and once you get your timing right it gets really fun.
Now for the next part of gameplay, putting, was the thorn in my side until i figured out what the L2 button did. The L2 button is the “View ball drop point” button. What this allows you to do is to make the ball go more left or right. This is crucial because when your putting, wind and slope become a major problem and the ability to move more towards one direction can make or break you. Before figuring out what that button did it was absolutely frustrating to try to putt the ball in, now its a piece of cake.

There are only two characters available in this demo, with 2 outfits for each. They are both different from each other with different stats. For example Jasmine has good impact, rated at S but decent control at a B. While Felipe has less impact at a B but more control at an A. he power of their swings also differs. This means that Felipe is better at hitting the ball at long distances and controlling it than Jasmine. This is probably because they are ranked at different levels. jasmine is a Novice character while Felipe is an Intermediate. There s an Expert category as well however none of those characters are available in the demo. There are a total of 15 characters, 5 for each category of skill.

(you can also change if they are right or left handed)

The game looks great, not at the level as Metal Gear Solid 4, but for what its doing they are good. Everything is bright, colorful and stylized. The characters aren’t going for realism, more of a anime style look that adds more character and a more playful feeling to the game.

Again the audio, like the graphics are going for a playful feeling. The voice actors do their lines great(the few that are in the demo anyway) and the music is calming and again playful.


Hot Shots Golf: Out of bounds plays wonderfully well. I will admit this here, i am not a fan of sports games, that said i can see my self getting into this game. The controls are simple and fun and the colorful and playful atmosphere make it accessible for non sport types.

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