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The State of G4

June 23, 2008

(Wow a second post about TV? It’s unprecedented Anyway back to business)

The G4 gaming channel has been around since 2002. In 2004 it merge, well took over TechTv and the current G4 is born. I’m not going to go too deep into what G4 and TechTv were when i started watching(Just in case you guys were expecting a full history).

Even though G4 is geared toward the tech and game fans its programs have very little to do with tech or games. G4 has only 3 original shows that deal with gaming and tech. These shows include Attack of the Show, X-Play, and Code Monkeys.

Attack of the Show is a tech news show that covers everything from Internet videos, to the latest gadgets. They, along with the hosts of X-Play travel to the big gaming/tech conferences like GDC, Comic Con and E3 and report live during the events. Attack of the Show is pretty entertaining. its many segments appeal to different people and their news is up to date and on the money. They have gags that range from witty and funny to just bad and “eehhh?”.
X-Play is a gaming only oriented show. It gives out reviews, previews and news on gaming. The former two working well with the latter kinda pointless because it airs at 8pm est and places like, well here report the news hours and hours before X-Play airs, making any news it has redundant. This format i just described is a new format for the show. Previously it was a gag and review/preview oriented show that had witty segments mocking games or movies with lots and lots of reviews. And this is the problem, being a live show with news Incorporated the amount of reviews has gone down to maybe 1 per episode.

The other tech and gaming orientated show is Code Monkeys which is a comedy similar to south park, but gaming oriented. It uses the 8 bit graphics the 80s goes for and is one of my favorite shows because it is so funny and entertaining. Another show of note is Ninja Warrior, a obstacle course that comes from japan.

Whats Wrong:

So I’ve given you the few original shows/shows of note on G4. Now starts with my rant on whats wrong with G4. The shows i mentioned, are basically the only shows geared toward tech and gaming. For a channel dedicated to these things having basically 2 shows that report and focused on it is very bad. Most of G4 is reruns of Cops and various Japanese shows and the show Cheaters. The Japanese shows aren’t bad, in fact they are awesome, but they show them so much that you’ll see all the episodes soon enough and then get tired of them. G4 has tried to solve the lack of gaming programs by introducing G4 Rewind. This goes from 9-12 in the morning and are just reruns of old shows, most of which aren’t on anymore. These shows are great but because of their age they talk about games that are cutting edge, cutting edge 5 years ago! Another problem is that there is no HD option for the channel. Most of you are like, who cares about HD? Well when your showing trailers/footage of HD games on a SD channel, even with a HDTV the games look horrible. This isn’t a problem with just G4, Spike’s GameTrailers TV also shares this problem.(For example watching the Resistance 2 footage on spike i thought the game looked bad, i really did, until i looked at the HD version of the same footage on gametrailers and then i was like wow, it looks awesome)

What they can do:

That’s my rant, but I’m just not going to bring the problems to light and not leave hope. G4 if your reading this, bring back the old shows with new episodes, make a HD version of the channel, and chill out with the Cops, Ninja Warrior and Cheaters reruns and then G4 will be an awesome channel for game and tech heads. With the lack of programming geared toward these things its sometimes hard to watch the channel for more than 2 hours before it becomes just the same show over and over again.

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