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Gurumin: A Monstrous Adventure Review

June 23, 2008

Gurumin: A Monstrous Adventure is a quirky title by the Nihon Falcom Corporation. The game was originally released for the Pc in 2004, found its way to the PsP in 2007 and is now available for download over the PSN.


Gurumin is the story of parin, a young girl who’s awesomely sarcastic. Parin has moved to live with her grandfather in Tiese Town because her parents are away on a trip. Being a mining town Tiese has little children, the only other one, Fan, runs the cake shop. While exploring town parin runs into a dog chasing a strange little girl. After stopping the dog parin is quick to make friends with the mysterious girl named, Pino. It turns out Pino is a monster and only children can see him(After this is explained an adult walks by and thinks Parin has an imaginary friend). Pino invites Parin to monster village and it is here she meets a wacky cast of monsters(Quick note these monsters are more like cutesy stuffed animals then monsters in the scary sense). Monster village is attacked by a group of monsters known as Phantoms and to combat them, Parin takes a legendary drill from monster village.

The characters each have their own personality quarks that make them lovable and charming. Parin(as i said earlier) is sarcastic and is great when interacting with others. The characters range from Parin, to a dancing blue monster which no feet(that for some reason owns a shoebox for shoes) to a old minor that hits on Parin and Fan(Did i forget to mention Parin is 12?)

The game is an action adventure game, so a lot of he game is exploring different areas. Using your drill you can fight off enemy phantoms, as well as break jars and certain rocks and objects. The levels are fairly linear but this doesn’t detract from the game. The puzzles range from easy to, “eehhh?” but for the most part they are not too challenging. The time you spend in each area depends, well on the area. They tend to be around the 10 minute mark which isn’t too much, or too little. The game has a nice sense of pace keeping you engage and allowing you to forget the amount of time you’ve been playing. You may think you’ve been playing for a few minutes but its really been more like an hour. This adds to the game appeal because its easy to lose yourself in the game. Each area has a object that was taken from the destruction of Monster Village. Each object belongs to one monster of another and giving these objects back will unlock more areas for you to explore.

Aside from the adventure aspect of the gameplay there is also the gear side. Parin can equip two things, a piece of head wear and a part for her drill. This may sound like its light but it actually works out extremely well. Acquiring junk parts(armor and what not phantom wear) allows you to upgrade your various head wear. For the most part head wear protects you from a given attack, whether it be water(swimming hurts you) or gas. Upgrading will make you immune, take less damage and even deal more damage. The game will require you to use various pieces of head wear in order to get through certain sections of an area. Pain’s drill also has “parts” these parts take the form of different elements. These elements are used to solve puzzles, and deal more or less damage depending on the enemy.

The graphics aren’t anything to write home about but they work for the game. It reminds me, especially in the facial department of games like the Evolution series. It pulls off the bright and colorful world of young orientated anime which adds to the appeal.


The voice acting is well done for the most part. The voice actors match their characters well but some lines are hit or miss, you never know if the next line of dialogue will be done good or bad. The music is well done.


Gurumin is a charming action adventure game for the PsP. It brings a lengthy story with charming and likes face it, adorable characters that blends with some great adventure gaming. With a price tag of $15 its hard not to recommend this game for download over the PSN.



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