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Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3 Impressions

June 20, 2008


Not given in the demo


The gameplay in Commando is the standard top down Third person action that arcade games were known for. This plays as well as it could and makes for a decently entertaining game. There are 3 characters who differ in manners of health, speed and grenades. However the only real gameplay different is with the health. You will use more or less grenades depending on how many you have but the number doesn’t hurt or help you in any particular situation. So when it comes to picking a character it really boils down to two things, look and health.

The normal “on foot” section of the game controls pretty well, no real faults, but it is the vehicle controls that seriously need help. Trying to drive a vehicle in this game is like trying to fly on your own. Your going to make it a short distance, but its not going to end well. If you can manage to drive in a relatively straight line you’ll be fine, its when you start making turns or reversing that the problem comes in. Trying to back up properly or move around on obstacle is extremely difficult and makes you wonder how it passed testing without being fixed.


The game looks good for a PSN download, its crisp and flashy, the audio is a different story. The constant sound of your weapon firing becomes very, very, very annoying and i was tempted on the third play through(I played as each character) to put my TV on mute.


Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3 core gameplay is decent, but when it tries to change pace with vehicles it starts to fail at an epic level. The game is hurt even more by the audio and the constant barrage of you firing you weapon. A lot of people will buy this on the 360 for the Street Fighter beta but this game is not worth the $10 it costs nor does the beta justify buying it.

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