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Hail to the Chimp Demo Impressions

June 20, 2008


The game is a campaign race to see which animal will become president. They do this by doing party events(I’ll cover that in gameplay) with coverage by the GRR television Channel. The game takes the presidential race and TV channel very comicly, if you do not press anything commercials will start rolling which are an obvious satyr at political ads and other commercials. They people, or shall i say animals are pretty funny and doing nothing will cause some nice tibits of funny dialouge.(Some of the good ones ir Orcrah, (bet you can guess what that is making fun of) and the Dam Designers)


The game revolves around some party games that have the candidates fighting over a specific goal, whether that goal is hold the most clams for 2 minutes, squire ad signs or get votes via clams. There are only 4 characters unlocked in the demo with 1 stage and 3 modes. The characters are all distinctive, from the giant hippo, to the latin armadillo artist and more. The three modes that are playable are pretty enjoyable, even when limited to one map. When first starting a stage it will be a bit confusing since you do not know which part of the map you are at but after this the game is fun and pretty hectic.


The graphics have a cel shaded look that works for this game very well. During some parts they do not appear as crisp as they could but this is a work in progress(at least that is what is said when u start the game, even though its being released next week). The voice actor is very well done and will bring lots of laughs if your playing with buddies.


Hail to the Chimp is a very entertaining party game. The few graphical issues does not bring this game down and the dialouge and satire at American Tv are so enjoyable you might be tempted to not play the game and just let the main menu roll with different commercials and news reports.(is that a bad thing considering this is a game?)

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