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Fatal Inertia EX Impressions

June 19, 2008

Fatal Ineria was originally going to be released as a Playstation 3 launch title. Instead it was released on the Xbox 360. It is now being rereleased for the Playstation 3 in the form of Fatal Inertia EX.


Its a racing game, all that needs to be said


Fatal Inertia EX is a arcade racing game similar to the Wipeout series. It has futuristic hover cars that race at high speeds. The controls in FI are pretty simple. X is boost, Square is brake, L1 and R1 are weapons, L2 and R2 are Strafing. Those are the basic controls with a boost and barrel roll system to boot. The game is easy to pick up and play and has a tutorial system to guide you through each part of the gameplay. The beginning of these tutorial levels are pretty slow but how it tells you the controls is pretty nifty. When you acquire a weapon or start a certain section of the race the game will go into a super slow motion(pretty much paused) to tell you how to use what you just gained or how to do something(and is pretty effective).

The Demo has some parts of the career mode and the training mode. When going through the career mode you have a set of races in series. Each series consist of a few races, however they need to be completed in a row in order to win the series. Meaning unless you are going to do all the races in the series don’t even try it, your progress will not be saved. The career mode isn’t much fun, mainly do the AI. The AI don’t really offer any real challenge which make the races dull.


This is the best part of the game. The dullness that AI cause during career mode are gone with real life people. The races are pretty intense when going after good races with a few different modes. After finishing a race, however, you need to exit back to the online main menu and find a race again. There is no “another round” sort of thing when the race finishes. This slows down online by making it sort of a chore to race again.


Using the Unreal Engine 3 the game better look good, and it does. It’s nothing mind blowing but its easy on the eyes.The audio is decent but again nothing spectacular.


Fatal Inertia EX is a pretty decent game. Based on the demo there is nothing spectacular but it is decently entertaining. If you need your fix of futuristic racing and can’t wait for Wipeout HD then by all means get it. For all others I recommend playing the demo and deciding for yourself if its worth buying. The demo has a in game store to purchase the full version which costs $30.

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