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Secret Agent Clank Demo Impressions

May 21, 2008

Developed by High Impact games(An offshoot of Insomniac) Secret Agent Clank puts Clank from the Ratchet & Clank games into the main character scene. The Demo was released last week over the PSN and here are my impressions.

The Story So far…

The Demo starts out with the first level of the game. You see Clank flying to a planet in his spy tuxedo silently trying to enter a museum. As he is about to go inside he sees Ratchet in a cloak get caught by guards. He has apparently stolen a precious jewel and is sent to prison. Clank, obviously does not believe it is Ratchet, but his computer tells him that it is based off of scans. Clank then gets orders from “The Agency” to go to the crime scene and find any clues to the jewel’s ware abouts(did i mention its missing?). After you do this you are given control of Ratchet for a side mission while he is in jail.

The Gameplay

Secret Agent Clank is, a secrent agent. So a key part of the gameplay is stealth. By no means is it similar to the console stealth games like the MGS and Splinter cell series. While those series take a very serious and sometimes difficult tone with stealth, secret agent clank takes a more relax view. All you have to do is not go into the lights that the enemies have or go too close in front of them. It is simplistic but fun. A key point i should make is that, you don’t need to be stealthy and it also pays off. After gonig through a section without being spotted you will be given a Stealth Bonus. Stealth bonuses go towards your nanotech level. Fans of the Ratchet & Clank series will know that nanotech deals with your health. So you can gain a higher health bar by killing enemies or being stealthy.

Now for the combat. In the demo the game will give you 2 weapons. The first weapon is *drum rolls* your fists!. Thats right your beginning weapon is a melee attack, which seems to be the weapon of choice for the game. The second weapon is a Tie A Rang weapon where you throw razor sharp ties at enemies. The melee combat works well. The Tie A Rang is most useful when strafing. Strafing is only possible when using a weapon. Strafing is done by using the D pad(if you just have your fists out the D pad and analog stick act in the same way).

From time to time the agency will drop you supplies in suitcases. The first supply is the Tie A Rang. They also give you special boots so you can double jump and a Pen Ink gun. The ink gun is used to block lasers and cameras and builts upon the stealth gameplay. The agency also has phone booths around that are used to buy things. You can buy anything from ammo for weapons to a new attack to add to your melee combos.

There is also a rhythm based game. It works well except for the area when you need to press the button. This area moves with the background beat making it very distracting when trying to do quick sequences. It will take some getting used to but once you get used to it, it works well.


For a PsP game this is very good looking. It brings the look and feel of the Ratchet & Clank ps2 games to the psp. The only difference is that since Clank is very small, the tiny boxes you used to smash as Ratchet are now giant “life sized” boxes for Clank.


From the music to the voice actors High Impact is very true to the source material for this spin off.


Secret Agent Clank is shaping up to be a gem for the PsP. With no big games since the April rush of games this is the light at the end of the tunnel for psp users looking for a new game to buy. It plays extremely well, fun, funny and just great. The Game will be released on June 17th.

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