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Devil May Cry 4 Review

May 18, 2008

Devil May Cry has been an important part of action gaming since its initial release in 2001. The series has had its high and its lows but it is on track in the newest Installment of Devil May Cry 4.


Devil May Cry 4 is the fourth installment of the Devil May Cry series, but in chronological order wise, its third. In order it goes from Devil May Cry 3, Devil May Cry, Devil May Cry 4, then Devil May Cry 2. The game has two main the characters, the first is the newcomer Nero, who attitude wise is similar to the young Dante of the 1st and 3rd game. He is hot headed, arrogant and rash. The other main character is Dante, the main character in the previous games. In this game hes matured a bit, not quite the way he is in two, but you can definitely see him getting there. He’s just as arrogant as ever (Toying with Nero in all of their fights) but is less hot headed and rash. Now back to the story. The game starts out with Nero rushing to get to church, fighting demons along the way. Shortly after arriving at the church, Dante comes in and kills the spiritual leader of the town. The knights (Known as the Order of the Sword) attack Dante but he easily takes them out. A fight between Nero and Dante then occurs which serves as a tutorial/first level for the game. After the fight Nero is sent to find Dante. From here the story takes all kinds of twists and turns, some obvious, some not.

In classic Devil May Cry fashion, the combat is fast, intense and over the top. Like previous games, your performance in battle is gauged on a scale from D to SSS. You are graded on the variety of attacks, the ability to dodge attacks (Getting hit instantly lowers your rank in the fight) and a few other things. This grading system is also used for level perfermance as combat, along with the amount of Red orbs (Currency), the amount of time it took to beat a level, you are given a grade for the level. This affects a new gameplay mechanic of the game with Spirit Souls. These are used to gain new abilities or upgrade old ones. There are also Blue and purple orbs which are used to increase health and devil gauge (which becomes important later on in the game).

The two characters, Nero and Dante, play very differently from eachother but very similar at the same time. Nero has a unique ability of the Devil Bringer, he can grab far away enemies and perform special grab attacks. This is a very important aspect when playing as Nero, especially for boss fights, however it does has it flaws, made very apperant after acquiring Dante. Dante, not having the devil bringer, has his different stances instead. He has five by the end of the game, four for most, these stances allow him to be more versatile and a master at using the different forms will easily take out any enemy with Dante. Dante also has quite a number of weapons, giving him even more variety(Nero only has 2, a sword and gun). There are, a few problems with Dante however. Compared to Nero, he is extremely overpowered (because of his stances and weapons). The second flaw, is that all of his levels are just Nero’s levels in reverse with a few changes. Even the boss fights are the same, which really makes me think that adding Dante was just to add more length to the game while using the least amount of work. It doesn’t ruin the game too much, but having 99% of the game the same handful of levels really drags it down.

Both Nero and Dante have Devil Triggers, which in a nutshell is a super powered full demon form of themselves. They do more damage in this form with combos changed slightly, but other than increasing your damage, there is not much to say. Both the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game have achievements. (Sorry 360 people, in this game its not unique). The game sports its own achievements system, connected to the 360’s achievements but does nothing outside of the game for the ps3. The game also has an online leaderboard. It works well to give people something to aim for when redoing levels and ads to replayablity. When booting up the game, the game will give you a pop up on any new achievements that people on your friends list accomplish, such as beating levels, obtaining new achievements and things of that nature.

Devil May Cry is a sight to behold. The graphics are crisp sharp and are top notch. There are however a few old gen issue that haven’t been resolved. There are a few instances where the characters are impaled and upon removing the weapon, they show no indication that the source of impalement was in something, which is sad because of how gorgeous this game is. The animation is top notch though, with exceptional detail during fights, no slowdown can be seen (which is impressive when you get into the very flashy and fast combos with multiple enemies on screen).

The voice over and classical music in the game are very well done. The voice actors play their parts extremely well adding some life to the characters. The main song is a piece of J metal (Japanese Metal), that isn’t bad, but is so overplayed that it becomes annoying. Most games have a standard battle song, which is perfectly OK for the most part, but every battle has this song playing and, quite frankly, its not very good(No offense to the guys who perform it).


All in all, Devil May Cry 4 is an awesome game. Its combat is some of the best in the industry and the few flaws in the gameplay do drag it down from absolutely greatness, but it still an amazing game to play.

*Note* While writing this review i kept spelling Devil May Cry as Devil Mary Cry XD



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