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Metal Gear Online Beta Final Impressions

May 13, 2008

Here we are, once again for my final impressions on the metal gear online beta. I will cover lightly what i touched on in my precious impressions but not in so much detail.
First off, this game needs player tweaks. One of the first tweaks, and the most needed, is aiming speed, its set at 5 by default but this is very slow, you will need to set it to 10 to have a decent shot. Another tweaks thats not necessary for all, but was for me is the weapons you start with. The default is Primary, Secondary, and accessory. Of course this is not all your equiped with, you also have a stun knife equipped. Outside of the primary weapon, the stun knife is going to be very important. So a good combination is Primary, Knife and secondary. With your secondary equiped third, if you run out of ammo with your primary, and they are too far for a knife, your pistol is your best bet to finish them off before they reload.
For a Beta MGO runs extremely well. Its already a highly polished game. The skill system is already well refined, the improvements skills bring really help separate veterans from new players. Keeping with a skill, for example Assault Rifle Mastery will improve the stability and reload speed of the weapon, which in a firefight can be extremely useful and change the course of the battle in your favor. There is a “skill” system in the game that evaluates your skill leveling, ranging from 0-20. Im not too sure on how it works, im going to guess its based on your stats and skill levels but it works to ensure you are put into a match with people of your skill level. When trying to enter a match it will star at your level, and branch out as time goes by, you will ony be mismatch if ther is a serious lack of people near your level.

This game could be sold separately outside of MGS4 and it would still be a worthwhile purchase, having it bundled with MGS4 just makes the deal even more sweet. Considering its a Beta i can’t give it a review, but as it stands now, I would give it an A, its so unique and fun its one of the titles that separates the PSN from other networks.

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