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Metal Gear Online Beta Impressions (CQC Edition)

April 30, 2008

In my previous impressions post about the MGO beta i neglected to give detail about CQC (Close Quaters Combat) within the game. I’ve gotten used to it so this post is all about CQC. Anyone can use a standard “punch” with their weapons to deal damage to stamina and health, but in order to use grabs and hold techniques the skill “CQC Mastery has to be equipped” I should say this right away *holds breath* DO NOT USE CQC WITH YOUR MAIN WEAPON(did i get my point across?), CQC is difficult as it is already, let alone with a slow attack with a machine or shotgun. It is also impossible to use CQC with a sniper rifle equipped, your just going to stand like a fool if you even try. There are a variety of techniques with CQC, there is the standard “throw” which grabs and throw you to the ground. This will allow the attacker to kill you quickly wile your on the ground trying to get bearings(its very hard to shoot while on the ground). There are also a hold that will knock you out, again allowing for the attacker to easily kill you. This move is tells the attacked to move the left analog stick back and forth, this does absolutely nothing, no matter what you will be knocked out.

More important to CQC than the techniques, is the Stun Knife. This knife is always equipped (in order to see it/equip it you must hold down the R2 button to see all the weapons you have) and is extremely useful. It will not be in your quick slots so like emntioned before you need to equip it, i suggest replacing your pistol with the stun knife. The stun knife has the ability to instantly knock someone out with an electric shock. Once the person is knocked out a few knife cuts will kill the enemy. I was in a match with everyone was using the stun knife(with guns too), there have been a few times where you stun an enemy but before you can kill their teammate arrives and starts shooting at you. (side note, when equipped with a knife or pistol or grenade, you will run faster than someone with a weapon, which makes it easier to catch up to them) The cardboard box/drum can is a useful item for ambushing or hiding(most of the time anyway). In a match someone ran down the stairs hide in the corner with a box but if you know the maps, you will know its out of place. The more useful way to ambush is the box and a magazine. The magazine takes the place of grenades when you choose it. The magazine (i bet you can guess what kind) will makes enemies(and sadly) allies stop in their tracks and start looking. They will be unable to do anything for about 10 seconds and makes a easy target. (The magazine is also useful for snipers to stop enemies from coming at them from behind) The CQC aspect is a very nice(and obvious) edition to MGO, for those who master it will find a whole new way to play. A match with CQC masters can easily change how the game is played, making people more careful and more aware.

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