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Metal Gear Online Beta Impressions

April 26, 2008

So the Metal Gear online beta went live friday and here are my impressions of the game so far. First of all, WTF is with all the IDS? first i need to logg into the network with my PSN ID, then get a Konami ID and a game ID, then i have to make character ID, this needs to be streamlined BIG time. Hopefully this was all just for the beta but i highly doubt that.(At least i’ll have everything done when the final version is released with MGS4 in June) Once all that stuff is done its time to play the game! The game has a few different areas, automatching, and Training are the big 2. Training is a solo(you guessed it) training program that helps you with the basics. Its kind of a lot of reading and just going over the controller layout will give you a basic idea of what to do so its basically useless(unless you like to read tutorials).

After picking automatching and picking a lobby(Lobbys are lobbys where players are put into matches) you’ll go into a game. The gameplay here is prety unique when it comes to console online shooters. Its not the frag fest games like the COD, UT and Halo series are known for. The characters move pretty normal, but those used to online shooters will call it slow, they do go very small going up or down stairs. The basic gameplay is fun but does have sme issues. The auto aiming is TERRIBLE, especially with the attack rifle weapons, on some sub machine it is pretty good. The best view is the over the shoulder option, however at default settings, the look speed is extremely slow, (which is weird since its 5 on a scale of 10), after some gameplay settings tweaks to improve aiming speed and etc your good to go. They’ve implented a skill set system(similar to COD$) where you gain boosts to assault rifle accuracy or lock on distance and things of that nature. The more you use these skills they will eventually level up improving upon the improvement The gameplay is easy to get into and gives a sort of sneak preview on how the MGS4 gameplay will feel like(considering its using the same engine).

Outside gameplay there are options to join/create clans, look up your personal data, see the world rankings, search for players in the game and there is even a mailing system built into it along with a news section. All in all, after a few player tweaks(im looking at you aiming speed) the gameplay is fun and different. It is an already solid online shooter, but could stand to have a sprint button and things of that nature to increase the speed matches just a bit. I’ve really haven’t covered much in this impression post, theres still CQC, the use of boxes/barrels and other things of that nature, the reason why, thats more for advanced users and for the most part, people stay away from those. If this were released now i’d definitely give it a B, some tweaks and it could be an A

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