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Echochrome Demo Impressions

April 25, 2008

Yesturday the Echochrome demo was released for both the Ps3 and the Psp over the PSN. I’ve played both Dems and here are my impressions. For those who don’t Echochrome is a PSN game being released for both the Playstation 3 and PsP in early may. Its a game based on the famous work of MC Escher , simply put its a puzzle game. In each level you have to collect “echoes” (ghost like forms that look like the guy that walks around). There are obstacles that block your way such as holes jumps and just plane area separation. In order to get around these you control the camera to hide, connect or change your perspective of the level. In the demo you are given the 5 tutorial levels that gives you the basics, and a handful of normal levels. For the most part the levels are easy, except for the last one that actually took me awhile to figure out. Some levels you can obviously tell what your supposed to do at your first glance, others will make you twirl around the level trying to see what you can do. The player only controls the camera, not the movement of the man on screen. He will continually walk until he hits a hole, a jump or end of the line and turn around. Luckily there are a few things you can do, you can speed him up or stop him completely so you can think(its Called thinking, imagine that). The demo was a very SMALL taste of the game but it will be a classic, it can be simple, difficult and fun, the final game will have a level create system called Canvas where the players can make their own level. This is going to be a great downloadable puzzle game for the Ps3

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