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Warhawk w/ Opersations Omega Dawn, Broken Mirror & Fallen Star Review

April 17, 2008

Warhawk is an online only third person shooter for the Playstation 3.It is available for download for $40 over the Playstation Store or in a Disc form for $40, or a $60 version with extra video content and a Bluetooth headset. (I personally got it over the Store because I like having games on the HDD(Hard Drive)).Warhawk is an extremely fun, addicting, and an action packed online game. It combines ground, vehicle, and aircraft combat to create a must have game for the Playstation 3.


There is no story but the game is about a war between two sides, and for the sake of simplicity, red versus blue. Each side has a different look with red looking more evil and blue seeming good (kind of makes sense). The vehicles for the two sides have different looks. Tanks for example on the blue side looks more like an American tank while red seems more like a German Panzer. There is no gameplay difference between the two sides.


Before we get into the gameplay with the three different aspects I mentioned earlier, we’ll talk about the servers. The game supports up to 32 player online battles in several different game types. The game types include Death match, Team Death Match, Zones, Capture the Flag, and a death match mode named “Dogfight”(For Air combat only). There is plenty of variety in the game modes ensuring it never gets old. The server list resembles something you’d find on a computer game like Counter Strike and it is easy to add servers to favorites and to get into a game. There are server filters that highlight the game types you are looking for in blue. The filters include filtering the servers by, area, zone, rank, number of min/max players, etc etc and any combination of those different filters. After picking a server there is a very quick load time,to connect to the server then it loads you into the game.

The action is in third person which works well considering you can see the customization you did on your character (More on that later) at all times rather than when you die like in a FPS. There are several weapons in the game that includes a pistol with unlimited ammo, a machine gun (called a rifle), a sniper rifle, a rocket launcher, grenades, a knife/wrench (for melee/fixing vehicles), land mines/bio field generator and binoculars!! Obviously after reading that your reaction will be something like “WTH, binoculars??” so let me explain the Binos (sounds like Rhinos). Sorry I digress, the binoculars are like ordering an air strike, aim that at a target and in a few seconds it will suddenly explode. the bio field generator mentioned above is similar to the land mines except instead of exploding, once released they will heal allies while damaging enemies.

In bases there are two different kinds of turrets for defense. One of these turrets is a heavy anti aircraft gun that shoots up dual rounds and can quickly take out a warhawk with good aim. The second is also anti air but anti ground as well. This is a dual mega rocket launcher that if it hits can destroy anything in one shot, once locked on it’s generally death for the target unless they are good at maneuvering or have chafs. These turrets for the most part are left alone in battles, with the exception of the mega rocket launcher. The reason being is, you can’t move, and unless you’re in an area where it’s a constant battle, you won’t be able to get the kills and points you are working for.

There are also 5 vehicles in the game, there is a jeep with a machine gun turret on the back, a Tank, a Warhawk, as well as 2 vehicles available through 2 different expansions, those will be reviewed in the Warhawk Expansions review. The jeep can hold 3 people (A Driver, Passenger, and turret guy), the tank can hold two (Driver/turret guy,and a 2nd person who can come out of the top hatch and use any weapons they have on them. Now for the grand daddy, the Warhawk, the Warhawk is a fighter plane/hovering weapon of death. The warhawk has 2 modes of flight, hover and flight; hover is used to attack ground enemies while flight is used for other warhawks.

The Warhawk is probably going to be the hardest thing to master in the game, but as you start getting better it feels more satisfying. Your Warhawk is the only vehicle that can be personally customized. Once you enter one it immediately switches to how you customized it in the main menu.
Online System

There are 3 different kind of points in Warhawk, there are Team, Combat and Negative points. The first 2 are used for obtaining medals, badges, ribbons and ranks. For ranks combat and team points are totaled up with negative points totaled and subtracted from the other 2, the number that comes out is the amount of points you gain. For example, you take a base and gain 2 points, you kill someone and get 1 point for that. Then you accidentally commit suicide which is 1 negative point. The total amount of points will be 2. Combat points are gained from kills, team points for taking bases, returning the flag etc, and negative points are given for team killing and suicide.

There are plenty of medals, ribbons and badges to earn. Many ranks require a certain badge to obtain it, the most annoying one to gain, and a necessity is the Warhawk Recruiting medal. This medal is to kill one ground vehicle,one troop, and have 4 minutes of warhawk time to get in, sounds easy? Well it’s not; it’s very difficult to do especially if you’re not that good in a warhawk. As you gain more points and badges you will eventually rank up.

As your rank increases you will obtain more customization options. These include helmet, upper and lower body outfits, and color for your character. This also applies for the warhawk where you can change the paint scheme of the warhawk,with more options as you rank up. I should note that the red and blue sides have different values, what I meant is that if you choose choice 3 for one side, it won’t automatically translate to the other. This allows more freedom when within the game(this also translates to the two different warhawks.


There have been a total of 5 patches for Warhawk to date, ranging from the server up of 1.1 to the feature rich 1.4 and 1.5. Incognito doesn’t play around with their patches, each has a purpose that improves the game. 1.3 added two new weapons, the field wrench and the bio field generator, 1.4 added the game modes Hero and Collection while 1.5 added Trophy, in game music support as well as a few other things.

Hero Mode is basically a new version of a team deathmatch. Each time has a random player that is chosen to be the “Hero”. The hero is given everyone weapon in the game when becoming the hero and he/she is also super charge, with weapons being more powerful and being harder to kill. To balance this insane power up, everyone and I mean everyone can see the heroes of both teams on the map at all times. The heroes also have a monstrously shiny glow with the color of their team so they stand out. Collection mode has two teams going after for lack of remembering the real word coins. There are a number of coins around the map at specific spawn points. The point of the match is to gain the most points. You gain points by collecting and bringing coins to your home base. However bringing only 1 at a time will give you the lowest amount of points awhile bringing in a number of them will give you more points. So the team who is better at having 1 player collect multiple coins at once wins. It may sound strange but it is very fun. Both modes are great addition to the game and really give more variety to this great multiplayer experience.


The game isn’t the best looking around but its extremely crisp with no graphics faults at all. The fact that everyone can have a different look within the game and the fact that the Warhawk will change to whatever custom setting you have on the fly is exceptional.

The sound effects in the game are top notch with awesome music when it plays. The will game plays music depending on whats going on in the game. With the 1.5 patch custom soundtracks have been added so any of your songs on the HDD can now be played during the game.


Warhawk is the best online game available, for any console or PC, its varied elements makes sure that everyone will find something their good at and like to do. The only flaw with the game is the lack of help. This isn’t really a problem unless you are completely new to video games.




Warhawk Expansions

Warhawk now has two expansions packs, named Operation Omega Dawn and Operation Broken Mirror. The are available separately for $7.99 each or together in a bundle for $11.99. Each expansion adds a new map and new vehicle, each changing the dynamic of the game.

Operation Omega Dawn

In Operation Omega Dawn a new map is included called the Omega Factory. The Omega Factory is a extremely large map that takes place during the nighttime/dawn(Thus the name Omega Dawn). Like all the maps in Warhawk there are a variety of sizes, ranging from small medium and large. The Omega Factory features a range of different bases, with parts not accessible from the ground, only the air.
The star of the expansion however is the new KT-424 Combat Dropship, aka the dropship. This behemoth of an aircraft holds 7 people in total, 1 driver and 6 passengers. The passengers get access to missile launchers that file the swarm missiles warhawk uses. The driver also has access to 6 high powered machine guns that can tear about anything in the game within seconds. As the name suggests the Dropship carries vehicles, Pressing the circle button over an allied vehicle activates a tractor beam that carries the vehicle under the dropship. This vastly changes Capture the flag matches. At full speed the dropship can travel across maps in half the time it would in a Jeep, making matches more of a scramble to destroy the dropship before it reaches the enemy base.

Operation Broken Mirror

In Broken Mirror another new map is added to the game called Vaporfield Glacier. Like the previous match the Omega Factory, Vaporfield Glacier is a huge map with many different sizes.

Again like Omega Dawn, the star of this expansion is the new vehicle, the APC, which changes the dynamic of the game even more than the dropship did. The APC like the dropship holds 7 people, 1 driver and 6 passengers. The APC has 6 pop up hatches similar to the tank which allies can come out and shoot at enemies. The main features of the APC are that it is a mobile spawn point, as long as there is a driver people can spawn within the APC. The players who spawn are given a random weapon to use.
The driver of the APC is given 2 abilities, the first being a protective force field that can be played anywhere. The force field stops all incoming fire but allows those inside to fire out of it. The force field will instantly kill any warhawk that touches it but ground vehicles and players are free to in and our of it, which makes its possible for the enemy to kill those inside the force field and then use it as their own. The second ability of the APC is a turbo boost that is a extreme ramming power that will destroy any jeep in front of it and damage tanks.

Operation Fallen Star

Fallen Star is the third expansion pack for Warhawk, and its arguably the best of the three. Like all the expansions Fallen Star adds one new map and one new vehicle. The map of FS is the Tau Crater, a field where a fallen Chernovan flag ship has crashed and changed the landscape of the island it fell on. The map is pretty cool adding another “dawn” ish setting similar to Omega Dawn but also creating a big yet small map where battles can be pretty condensed into one area.
Now for the vehicle that is the best so far, and changes the game the most. The jetpack. This vehicle id dispensed at various bases across the maps and is a lot of fun.
The jetpack allows for players to fly around without a warhawk. It has a fly, boost and hover mode that all works pretty well. What might just be the coolest feature of the jetpack is that you can still enter any vehicle with it equipped. This means you can be wearing a jetpack, and get into a warhawk, jeep, tank, dropship etc. The best application is that jetpacks allow for mid air escapes. Lets say you pretty much about to get destroyed in your warhawk, you can now leave the warhawk in mid air and fly using your jetpack, not only that but if you have lets say a rocket launcher you can shoot down the guy who just shot you down. The jetpack does have a weakness, while flying you can be locked on by rocket launcher of other troops, and a Warhawk’s machine cannon can destroy you like nothing, or they can just ram you(achieving a trophy at the same time).


All in all these 3 expansions add great variety to an already diverse game. They may not be needed to play warhawk but with what they add you don’t want to lose out. Even though most servers do not use these expansions the ones that do bring a unique experience to the game

Omega Dawn Score:



Broken Mirror Score:



Fallen Star Score:



Overall Expansion Score:




Overall Warhawk Score:



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