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Dual Shock 3 Impressions

April 17, 2008

So this Sunday i picked up my fancy new Dual Shock 3 controller for my Playstation 3. First of, its heavier than the Sixasis, which is a good thing, it now feels like theres something inside of it instead of being a hollow mold of a controller. I’ve never really been a big fan of rumble, that said, i the rumble in the ps3 feels better than the old ps2 Dual shock 2, its not longer a loud “Omg its moving from the center of the table and going to fall off!” rumble, its subtle but stronger at the same time. Whether you like rumble or not its a good controller, its the new default for the ps3 so those who will be be buying one soon, you’ll already have this, all others you still have the sixasis. In Conclusion, if you want rumble get it, if you don’t stay to your sixasis, if your going to buy a ps3 its already in the box.

Deadpool7’s Take:

I also just picked up a PS3 Rumble controller recently and I think the easiest way to sum it up is with my experience replaying the original Metal Gear Solid for the PSOne.

I just picked up the Metal Gear Solid Essential Collection to catch up on the MGS story before the new one releases in June. MGS One was one of the first games to use rumble and use it well in a game. There was a moment where Psycho Mantis is showing you his power and uses the rumble in the controller to do this. Another moment is when talking to Naomi, she heals your arm using the nanomachines. She tells you to hold the controller up to your arm and it ends up vibrating.

My point here is that all of this would have been moot had I been playing with my original Sixaxis controller. It would have felt pretty silly when nothing happened. This said, I feel you almost don’t know what you’re missing until it’s gone and rumble was a good case of this. If you don’t have a rumble controller at the moment, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend rushing out to go buy one right this instance, but if you need an extra controller, or if you’re like me and missed the rumble feature, it’s a good excuse to go pick one up.

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